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Durban North


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Penny Slein is a 42 year old living in Durban. For many years she lived overseas and worked as a therapist. After returning to South Africa 3 years ago, she wanted to find time to dig deeper into her passion for yoga.  Penny started yoga 20 years ago, after dipping her feet in the practice, she then became distracted and went off on different tangents only to always be drawn back to yoga for some reason.

"I suffered from lower back pain, sciatica, a pelvis that was out of alignment and joint issues, plus an old shoulder injury. At one point I was only coping during the day because I was constantly on painkillers. My highest weight after having my 3rd child was 90kgs. I am now 62kgs and feeling balanced, healthy and awake and I have yoga to thank for that" 

"I love teaching yoga because it allows a sacred space for people to connect with themselves for a brief moment in time. It is a blessing to be present when you see the Penny drop so to speak.

Penny runs her own classes at her home in Durban North. These classes are limited to 6 students per session. This is an ideal starting point for beginners who may be shy and are perhaps looking for a more personalized class focusing on alignment and safety during practice.


Yoga Alliance accredited RYT200 teacher training with Cheryal Lancellas in Ballito.

MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness

Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling, Nutrition, Chakra Psychology and Reiki


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