Stephanie Kets


Randpark Ridge Johannesburg

Vinyasa, Children’s Yoga

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Stephanie Kets, founded Yoga Cubz as her dream is to soften and open the hearts of children. Steph teaches kids yoga and heartfulness practices to children as young as 2.5 years old. Her passion is fueled by what she needed when she was a child. Yoga Cubz empowers children to find their inner calm and confidence. Steph believes that children are so impressionable when they are young and its vital to prepare them with tools that can not only cope with stressful or harsh environments, but that they can flourish.

Steph operates home studio (converted garage) in Randpark Ridge. She is fully certified to teach: Internationally recognised RCYT100 kids yoga teacher, mindfulness teacher and adult RY200 teacher.

Steph graduated from her Strategic Brand Communication degree in 2017. This was the time that she put her degree to use and get a job in the stressful advertising agency world. Something about it didn't feel right, there was something tugging at her heart strings that there was something with a bigger purpose for her to achieve. So despite what she had trained 3 years for, she turned around and followed her heart of guidance to teach kids yoga and heartfulness.

Steph worked as Living Yoga’s studio manager for a year and during that time she completed her teacher trainings to become certified to teach. From there she created her own company and is still in the beginning phases but with faith, passion and trust she will achieve her dreams of empowering children across South Africa.

Qualifications and Experience

  • RYT 200 Adult vinyasa = Living Yoga under Sarah, Bruce and Jo.

  • RYCT 100 Children's yoga teacher training = Yoga4kids under Suzie.

  • Mindfulness teacher training under Mark Joseph