Anna Prinsloo

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Sound Healing | Integrative physiotherapy | Myofascial release | Meridian balancing

Cape Town

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Anna Prinsloo practices a variety of modalities to suit the individual needs of her clients. She has studied with various local and internationally-renowned therapists to explore progressive techniques in the field of manual bodywork, myofascial release, energy healing and inner process work. 


She graduated from UCT in 2002 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. She furthered her studies in bodywork with training in integrative fascial release, meridian balancing with muscle monitoring, wedging and the Dorn method of spinal alignment. Anna has completed an internationally accredited certification in energy healing with the School of Intuition and Healing. She has also trained with the Past Life Regression Academy, and has a certificate in non-medical hypnosis and a diploma in non-medical regression therapy. She is a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Anna is a practicing sound healer and works with resonant vibrations to facilitate healing and transformation on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
She facilitates both private and group healing sessions. She teaches sound healing and also facilitates sacred sound ceremonies for rites of passage and weddings.


  • BSc Honours Physiotherapy UCT 2002

  • Orthopaedic manual therapy 2016

  • Sport physiotherapy 2015

  • 2 year certification in Energy Healing (BAHA accredited) 2013

  • Certification in Hypnosis 2014

  • Diploma in Regression Therapy 2014 (accredited by the International Board of Regression Therapy)

  • Reiki levels 1 and 2

"Freedom is found in loving the truth"

- Anna Prinsloo


Anna Prinsloo works with her voice (vocal harmonics), quartz crystal singing bowls, a medicine drum, a rattle, a didgeridoo and various other instruments during a sound healing session. Sound has been used since antiquity as a tool for healing in various shamanic practices around the world. The benefits of sound and music for healing have also been well researched in the modern era.


Anna combines sound vibrations and light touch on the body during these healing sessions to bring harmony and balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.