Elizabeth Griffin


Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Retreat Host

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga

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Over the past 20 years, Liz has combined her passion for yoga on the mat with public service off the mat (karma yoga). 

Liz started practicing yoga 20 years ago whilst living and working in some highly challenging and dangerous situations as an expert working in conflict zones. Liz first trained as a yoga teacher with the Sivanada school of yoga (200hrs RYT) in 2006. She then met her maha teacher Shiva Rea and spent six years intensively studying Shiva’s Prana Vinyasa Flow, gaining her 500 hrs certificate in 2012. Liz gained the highest “rank” a yoga teacher can attain in 2015 (Yoga Alliance Professional and Teacher Trainer). Liz is constantly evolving and learning and continues to study yoga and other healing arts. She completed her Yoga Nidra (deep yogic sleep) certification this year. 

Liz's fuses energising Vinyasa Flow and Prana Flow practices with lunar themed restorative flows that incorporate elements of Yin Yoga. Liz is passionate about sharing the multiple benefits of yoga with people from all walks of life in tropical dreamy locations. Liz has visited 73 countries and speaks five languages! She is the perfect retreat leader and travelling with her will allow you to immerse yourself in local culture and give back to the community whilst improving your physical and mental strength, focus and flexibility. 

Off the mat, Liz is an untiring advocate for justice, equality and peace. She is Extraordinary Lecturer, University of Pretoria (South Africa) and Fellow, University of Essex (UK). Liz runs a thriving coaching and mentorship practice which focuses on supporting individuals working in the non-profit sector.

Liz is a certified Transformative Coach who trained with Coach Master’s Academy (accredited by the International Coaching Federation). Liz is a culturally sensitive, non-judgemental coach and mentor, honorary academic and yoga and meditation teacher. She is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential and live fulfilled, meaningful and joyful lives. 


  • 200hrs RYT (2006) Sivanada School

  • 500hrs RYT (2012) Samudra School of Living Yoga (Shiva Rea)

  • Yoga Alliance Professional (2014) Yoga Alliance UK

  • Trining Provider (2016) Yoga Alliance UK



Transformative Coaching

Dive deep into an inspiring and creative process of self discovery that empowers you to reach you maximum potential. Liz offers profoundly powerful, transformative coaching programs. Coaching provides you with the space you deserve to engage in a deeply thought provoking, creative and inspiring exploration of what really matters to you, what you value and what you want out of life.

Wellbeing Retreats

When was the last time you actually gave yourself real time and space to work on nothing but your own health and well being? Give yourself the gift of time and space to nurture your body, mind and soul in paradise. Retreats with Liz and guests give you the space and time you deserve to work on nothing but your own health and wellbeing!


Spice for Life - An Exclusive Yoga and Pilates Wellbeing Retreat to Zanzibar, 23-30 March