Jani Roodt

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Bodywork Practitioner

Cape Town

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082 802 6110


Pain? Discomfort? Stress?

This bodywork technique is non-invasive and works on recognising pain patterns, alignment issues and aids in releasing and shifting any blockages that the body might be holding onto.

The technique is called Brain-Body-Balance (B3), which is related and derived from the disciplines of Myofascial Release, Body Alignment and Trigger Point Therapy. Jani also uses Reflexology and Functional Movement Integrity to approach any issues from a holistic perspective to best treat each individual case.

Issues treatable include, but are not limited to:

Acute and chronic pain | Headaches and migraines | Neck, shoulder, hip and knee issues | Back pain | Tense muscles and joints | Restrictive range of motion | Sciatic pain | General fatigue | Digestive problems | Anxiety and panic attacks | Emotional and physical trauma | Numbness or pins and needles | Pre or post medical procedures | Repetitive injury patterns | Scoliosis | Whiplash | Dizziness | Arthritis | Carpal tunnel syndrome | Frozen shoulder