EP09: Yoga for Kids with Cami from Yogi Bears

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In Episode 9, Tarryn and Cami discuss the benefits of children’s yoga as well as how you can start incorporating yoga into your child’s life. Cami shares her personal story and how teaching yoga to children shifted from a hobby to a full-time passion.

ABOUT Cami and yogi bears

“For me, yoga is the gift that keeps on giving. Been the most magical tool I've put in my tool box, it helps me heal, accept, shift aspects of myself I would otherwise be unaware of. Yoga for me isn't all unicorns and rainbows and that's what I love about it, stuff gets uprooted but all in the name of growth. And who doesn't want to grow?”

Established in 2016 Yogi BearsZA is dedicated to serving the needs of the next generation of yogi's out there. We work with children aged 3-13 years old  

Using yoga in a fun, interactive and adventurous way we make this yoga practice accessible to children. School coupled with family dynamics and social pressures makes growing up extremely tough. Our goal is to remind every child that they are equipped with a super power, and that super power is their breath. It gives them a moment to pause and react as opposed to reacting and then pausing. It gives them stillness. This breath which we all have, has the power to make a tough life manageable.

Music produced by Dan Schultz https://soundcloud.com/itsdanschultz / dan@fragmentsdc.com. Vocals: Tarryn James

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